FAQ - Fort Aquatics Swim School for children – Indoor Pool, Murphy, Texas

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 12pm

Our session runs every month. This allows the child to have 4 classes per month.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Christmas Week
We understand unforeseen things happen and allow one parent initiated reschedule per month. If there is more than one class that needs to be rescheduled for a month, we will charge a charge $5 rescheduling fee.
  • All reschedules are strictly requested via email or our website by filling out a reschedule form.
  • To reschedule a class, please send an email to swiminfo@fortaquatics.com with the subject line “RESCHEDULE”. In the body of the email, enter the student first name and last name and date he/she will miss.
  • To reschedule via our website, enter our web address on your phone, tablet or computer www.fortaquatics.com and click on the button that says “Reschedule a Class”. Fill out all the contents of the form and submit
  • Fort Aquatics will diligently work to ensure you are in the first available class and we will communicate by email the date and time of the class. We will do our best to give you 2 dates and times to choose from when rescheduling.
  • Whenever there is a reschedule, we cannot guarantee the same teacher will take the class and it may not be the same time of the normal class. An email will be sent within the next business day.
  • All classes that have been missed have to be rescheduled within one month of missing the class and the student must be enrolled in one of the classes.
In Texas, we have lightning and thunderstorms which force us to close the school per state laws. In these cases, Fort Aquatics will reschedule the class and you will receive an email of the new date and time. This will usually take place on weekends and over more than one day as we may have to reschedule all classes.
We follow CDC guidelines to clean and sanitize a pool in case of a diaper leak. Fort Aquatics takes every precaution to ensure that all small children have swim diapers even if they are potty trained, no exceptions for children age 4 and under. In unforeseen instances we will have a diaper leak, that will force us to shut down the pool for 24 hours until proper hygiene in the pool is restored and the sanitizers and UV filters have had a chance to kill all the germs. We do this to protect your child and ensure no disease/illness spreads. When this occurs Fort Aquatics will reschedule the class and you will receive an email of the new date and time. This will usually take place on weekends and over more than one day as we may have to reschedule all classes.
When a parent initiates a reschedule, you are allowed to reschedule one class per month at no extra charge. After the allotted one class per month when a parent wants to reschedule, we charge $5 per class you want reschedule. We encourage your child to not miss more than one class per month as it will affect the child's learning pattern.
Fort Aquatics publishes all the national holidays we are closed on our calendar. Since we know this in advance, we will schedule that class accordingly, most likely the following weekend.
We bill on the 25th of every other month. For example:
For the month Feb 2018, we will bill on Jan 25th 2018

  • We require a credit card on file for automatic payments.
  • Payment by cash or check will need to be paid on or before session billing date listed above. If your credit card declines, we will give you a courtesy call and allow 24 hours to provide a new credit card or authorize us to reprocess.
  • When a check is returned, a $30 processing fee will be assessed, and account holder will be required to pay by cash or credit card within the next 24 hours.
  • If your child is not current paid up by the 28th of the billing month, your child will automatically be removed from the next month.
Please notify us via email and/or in writing on or before the 15th of prior month before you wish to cancel. Example: If you wish to have May be your last month, we must receive notice by April 15th cutoff date for withdrawal.

If you do not notify us and you are billed for the next session, there will be no refund or transfers.
Yes, Fort Aquatics will prorate your bill only for the classes your child will attend for that month.
Annual registration fee is $45. If you have two children, the second child will have smaller registration fee. Please check the tuition and pricing portion of the website for details. The enrollment fee is billed annually on your anniversary date.
Fort Aquatics strongly believes in uniforms – just like we do at Fort Montessori Academy. When a child wears a uniform, it prepares the child to learn. When he/she enters the pool and sees other children in uniform, it gives the child a sense of belonging. This will also help child in following what other children are doing. Uniforms also ensure that all children are adequately protected and know to respect the water by wearing the appropriate swimwear such as goggles and cap before entering the pool. Also Fort Aquatics buys good quality swimwear at a discounted price specifically designed for children and Fort Aquatics can pass on the savings to you.
We do not offer refunds for registration or tuition fee unless it is due to extra ordinary circumstances.
Swim instructors teach lessons on a varying schedule and need. We strive to maintain consistency with staff, knowing the nature of job and patterns of hiring; we cannot guarantee you will have the same instructor throughout the swim level. However, all our instructors go through the same intricate training and will be able to gracefully integrate to the level your child is in based on the documentation and skill level needed.

The deck manager and senior instructor will facilitate the transition to our assistant instructors who will still be interacting with your child during most of his/her classes so your child will still be with familiar instructors.
Our lead Instructor along with our Deck Manager will provide extensive documentation on what level and progression your child is making. We make notes every class and progression notes every 2 classes. The notes are in an easy to read format and have patterns that allow all of our instructors to be able to easily interpret and understand each assessment and allow a smooth transition.
Our Instructor and Deck Manager will communicate to the parent of the child who has completed a level.  We generally do this at the end of the session so that your child can easily advance and get familiarized with the next level of classes, students and instructors.
It is not uncommon for a child to cry and refuse to enter the pool. Our Instructor and Assistants will spend a good amount time trying to get the child into the pool. But some children are just not ready and may not co-operate. At this point, we will request the parent to bring the child back when he/she is ready or schedule maybe private lessons or provide simple things parents can do at home to coax the child into getting into the water. We will then offer the child a refund if he/she has paid for the whole session.

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