Birthday Party Packages

We will make your birthday so special and one of its kind –
that memories will last forever

Reserve your Birthday Party

“Come celebrate your child’s birthday at Fort Aquatics and Gymnastics”

Welcome to Fort Aquatics birthday parties. Our parties provide a fun and safe environment for you to celebrate your child’s special day. We have a swimming pool area and a party room area and the facility is just for your family – totally private. We will provide our facility with a large area for kids to swim with toys, boat, and inflatables.

Once swim time is over, you can go over to our party area where staff can help you distribute food or drinks. Our staff will provide one on one assistance from beginning to end to ensure that you have nothing else to do other than to have fun and enjoy the precious time with your child, family and friends.

How to reserve a birthday party:
  • Review the packages and rules below
  • Click on Reserve Birthday Party
  • Navigate to date you want to have party.
  • Click on it. If it says “Date Unavailable” please choose a different date
  • Enter information requested on page including Credit Card
  • We need a credit card to reserve your party
  • Your credit card will not be charged until one of our reprsentatives talk to you
  • Agree to waivers; Submit form.
  • An email will be generated to customer and to Fort Aquatics and Gymnastics informing them of reservation.
  • Fort Aquatics and Gymnastics Staff will call you within 1 business day to go over party requirements and get consent to process credit card.
  • Your party will then be assigned a Party Co-ordinator
  • And you are all set to have fun !!
Package 1* Package 2* Package 3*
Gym Only Swim Only Swim and Gym
COST $275 $350 $500
Number of Kids 25 25 25
Total Time 90 min 90 min 150 min
Time in Gym/Pool 60 min 60 min 120 min
Party Room 30 min 30 min 30 min
Photo Booth Y y Y
Party Organizers 1 1 1
Party Helper/Life 1 2 2
Additional 30 minutes $50 $50 N/A


  • Package 1*Gym Only$275
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)$350
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)$500

Number of Kids

  • Package 1*Gym Only25
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)25
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)25

Total Time

  • Package 1*Gym Only90 min
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)90 min
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)90 min

Time in Gym/Pool

  • Package 1*Gym Only60 min
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)60 min
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)60 min

Party Room

  • Package 1*Gym Only30 min
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)30 min
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)30 min

Goody Bags

  • Package 1*Gym OnlyY
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)y
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)Y

Gift For Birthday

  • Package 1*Gym OnlyY
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)y
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)Y

Photo Booth

  • Package 1*Gym OnlyY
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)y
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)Y

Party Organizers

  • Package 1*Gym Only1
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)1
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)1

Party Helper/Life

  • Package 1*Gym Only1
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)1
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)1

Additional 30 minutes

  • Package 1*Gym Only$50
  • Package 2* (Swim Only)$50
  • Package 3* (Swim and Gym)N/A
What is included
  • Setup and Tear Down
  • Custom Party Invitation
  • Floatation Device for all Non Swimmers
  • Adult swim for free
  • Parents must accompany children under 3
  • Floatation device is a must for all children under 5
Click here to request Birthday Party reservation
  • All guests must sign waiver form
  • You can arrive 15 minutes prior to party start time
  • Not responsible for delay in arrival
  • Soft Copy Birthday invitations will be available via download or email
  • Rough behavior of child will cause child's removal
  • Can bring 3 outside snacks (preferably finger foods or packaged)
  • Food cannot enter gym or swim area
  • We recommend pizza or finger foods
  • No alcoholic beverages of any form on premises
  • No glass beverages of any form on premises
  • No Confetti; pinatas, pop corn, chewing gum
  • To put up decorations we allow only painters tape, no nails, staples or pushpins
  • If you choose a swim and gym package, gym will be the first activity and swim will follow
  • Birthday Party charges are Non-Refundable. If you cancel two weeks prior to birthday party, we will issue you a credit that you can use towards another Birthday Party or other classes.
  • Bring towel, change clothes and goggles
  • Must be in appropriate clothing - swim suits, no shorts etc
  • Time to change into swim suits and out of it is included in the 1.5 hours
  • There will be a 5 minute break after 30 minutes for little children to use restroom
  • An instructor will conduct a swim test for children to ensure maximum safety. If a child does not pass, we will provide them with a swim vest.
  • Party Organizer will greet you at the day of the event
  • and introduce the Fort Aquatics Team that will assist you.
  • Party Organizer will get all the wiaver forms signed.
  • Party Organizer will go over rules very quickly
  • Guests and children will change into swimming suits or swimming trunks
  • Party Host will identify children who cannot swim
  • Lifeguard will asses swimming capability of children
  • Floatation devices will be provided for non swimmers
  • Life guard will check if swim diapers for children under 3 years
  • Life guard will ensure children under 4 are accompanied by adults
  • Swim party begins - pool toys provided
  • You will have Lifeguard supervising deck at all times
  • Children under age 3 must be accompanied by adults
  • All shoes must removed before entry onto the gym
  • Gym will be supervised at all times
  • Once gym time is over; children will not be allowed to go back to the gym from the party hall
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