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Our experience of being around children for over 10
years helps us believe & inspire children

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About Us

Fort Aquatics is an affiliate business of Fort Montessori Academy. Fort Montessori was opened in June 2010. Fort Aquatics along with Fort Montessori is owned by Uma and Arun. We have been around children for over 10 years. We attribute the key success for Fort Montessori to two critical factors. First, is our understanding that “Every child is Different” and that the learning techniques vary for all children. So, we customize and adapt our programs to ensure that each child’s unique learning needs are met. Second, we have friendly and caring staff, clean facility and provide top-notch customer service.


Fort Aquatics was created in unison with Fort Gymnastics & Fort Montessori to offer an a la carte of services to parents from Swim Lessons, Day Care, After School Care, Pick up from local schools, Summer Camp, Winter Camp, and Gym Lessons from which parents can choose from. The parents should get the same quality of service across all three businesses and they must not feel the difference.

Our Philosophy in Teaching Swimming and Gymnastics is

“Believe and Inspire”

We believe every child has the potential to learn and master any skill provided the skill is taught properly and the child has a passion to learn. The job of the instructor is to Inspire – which is done through encouragement and motivation.

About the owner

Uma Alagappan is a co-owner and Assistant Aquatic Director at Fort Aquatics. Uma is currently the Administrative Director at Fort Montessori Academy and co-owner. She learned swimming at age 12, which she considered to be extremely late. Her passion has been to build a swim school and integrate it with Fort Montessori so that we can begin teaching swimming for children at early age. Uma believes that academics alone is not sufficient for a child but learning a life skill/sport like swimming is essential for a child's good health, confidence, and discipline. Uma drove the Fort Aquatics expansion for Fort Montessori from the very beginning and is incredibly happy that her dream has come true. Uma carefully selected the swim curriculum she wanted to offer, like a Montessori curriculum and underwent training to become a part of the Instructor Training Team. Uma loves reading, teaching, playing table tennis and travelling. She is married and has two children and loves to travel the world over.

What is special for our Fort Montessori Kids?

Our vision is to offer Swim, Gym, Montessori and After School Care under roof. We want our customers who attend Fort Montessori have a hassle-free experience if their children sign up for Swim or Gym Classes.

The intent of this service is to eliminate the stress for parents of having to get their kids to swim or gym lessons. Our staff will take your child from Fort Montessori to swimming lessons at Fort Aquatics or gym lessons at Fort Gymnastics at a designated time and bring them back to Fort Montessori after the class. We will take care of changing the clothes and wiping the children down.

All that the parents have to do is to choose the number of classes per week that fits your child’s schedule and Fort Montessori will handle the rest. Similarly in summer, Fort Montessori children can go to swim or gym camps for “intensive training” and not be tied to attending child care year round. As before it will be Fort Montessori’s responsibility to take your child to attend the class and return the children back to Fort Montessori.

Need to learn more? Call 972-468-6649 or Request a No Obligation Free Trial Class