Clean, Safe & Child-friendly environment with a state of art
UV water filtration system

Take a 360 Degree View

Our pool is temperature controlled pool that operates year around with water temperature maintained around 90 degrees. The humidity is controlled by heavy duty air conditioning system that reuses the indoor heat to keep air outside the pool comfortable.

The pool depth is 4 feet and pool surface is cleaned periodically using a cleaning robot.

Water is purified in three stages with the final filtration done by the state of the art UV system. The UV sanitation not only kills germs, but provides drinking quality water for your child to swim in which gets rid of “red eye” and skin irritations. The superior water filtration system completely changes over all of the pool water every 90 minutes so that your children and our teachers are always swimming in clean fresh water.

The water purity levels are checked manually every thirty minutes and logged. The control system is equipped with a remote communication package that will alert operators if ANY major water quality parameter slips outside the optimum range, allowing for immediate correction.

Our staff are trained and certified per the County Health Standards to maintain clean and fresh water at all times.

We have great viewing area with comfortable seating and play area for the siblings. The viewing area is covered by 8 by 3 foot tall glass windows that spans 30 feet so that parents can clearly see their children inside the pool. The lobby and viewing area is air conditioned and separated from the changing room area. The changing room has a non-slip surface, private changing rooms, diaper changing stations and a shower

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